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fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. >> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> scottish officials were already under fire even before they made it official yesterday and allowed a convicted terrorist to fly home to libya to die. the outrage only deepened today after these pictures of libyans celebrating abdel baset al megrahi's release were broadcast around the world. al megrahi, of course, was convicted for the 1988 bombing of pan am 103 over lockerbie, scotland. the terror attack killed 270 people. and today, once again, many people were demanding to know just why had he been set free. this matter of justice is once again our "lead focus" tonight. >> reporter: abdel baset al megrahi should not be welcomed back to tripoli, that was the message, the warning to libya from president obama in america. the demand responsible for the deaths of 270 people, the biggest terrorist attack in britain was treated more like a celebrity or royalty changed into a dark suit, he was met off of the plane and then repeatedly hugged by colonel gadhafi's own so
that while america has turned over security to the iraqis, iraq is not secure. >>> facts of life. new insight into america's health. we are living longer, and the death rates for major diseases are falling. >>> dirty dealers. extraordinary undercover video reveals just how easy it is to buy a gun illegally. >>> and, sour notes. the proud members of the truly terrible orchestra, and the the proud members of the truly terrible orchestra, and the music they make. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. we begin tonight with two stories literally about life and death. we have new insight into the state of america's health. we are living longer than ever. there are advances against major diseases. minorities enjoy better health, and we'll get to that in a moment. but we also got a reminder that sudden death at the hands of terrorists is still a reality in iraq. a wave of explosions throughout baghdad killed nearly 100 people and injured hundreds more today. and the 130,000 u.s. troops in that country could do little to help. under the terms of the security agreement, demanded by the iraqi
, the angry in america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: u.s. marines now on the move. they are looking to free a town from taliban forces. >> we are on the offensive. shepard: tonight, the video you will see only on fox. >> pushing back at to the health care town halls and why the aarp says they are not on board yet. the issues are so important, they are about the health of our parents, children, ourselves. across america, lawmakers have been holding town hall meetings to talk about to the health-care plan. they are trying to create a health care system for uninsured americans. a lot of people are fired up on this. we put people on location in colorado, california, maryland, iowa, new jersey. we have noticed something in common at many of these meetings, it seems that with passions and tempers running so high that issues are drowned out by debate. just because people are yelling, it does not mean that they are getting their message across any more clear. >> i am here today because i believe in town hal
>>> good morning, america. this morning, a brand-new abc news poll show nows more than half of americans approve of president obama's health care plan. is the president about to go into gladiator mode to get it passed? >>> outrage at the heroes welcome the lockerbie bomber receives after his release. we asked, why did great britain do this? >>> storm surge. the latest on the path of the giant hurricane, bill. >>> stalled on the highway. some popular foreign cars are suddenly just shutting down in traffic. an exclusive "gma" investigation. and this morning, a recall. >>> and need more sleep? 70 million of us do. and our team here at abc puts the latest solutions to the and our team here at abc puts the latest solutions to the test. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer, here with david muir this morning. robin is away. chris is away this friday, august 21st, 2009. and there's a tsunami of outrage, pours over great britain this morning. >> all of the pictures pouring in. a hero's welcome for the bomber of the lockerbie pan am flight. al
paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. i love that music. it's sunday, august 16th. >>> other news this morning, president obama wrapping up his trio of town halls. hoping to turn the tide in the health care debate. we have a report -- a reporter traveling with the president and also talking with jake tapper. who's hosti ining "this week." >> also, a fascinating look inside the health insurance industry. this is probably the most high-profiled whistle blower. somebody who had a real convergent moment. when she saw people lined up in the rain for health care. he's got the playbook of the big insurance company. he's spilling it out. >> also, the latest on the heart-wrenching story of an 8-year-old american boy abducted by his own mother, stuck in an italian orphanage. while father tries desperately to get him back here. >>> and also, this sounds kind of ridiculous, dogs teaching kids how to read. but it's a very successful program. highly trained teachers in a certain way. we'll explain how that works coming up. >>> we begin with the california wildfires,
-- >> it is a similar statement in town halls across america, no to socialized health care. >> the health care now are just sucks. that you have to wait six weeks for a dental appointment, have you ever seen british tea to? how can you think is good? >> how is this health care going to help hawes wen jiabao from canada and great britain are telling us -- when people from canada and great britain are telling us not to do anything? >> the reality is, it has not worked. it has made people more ill. we spend a lot of money can't -- and it gets very bad. >> there has also -- have also been tv ads forecasting british health care rationing. but there are more americans that have a more positive view. >> we do not have the chance for medical and thus repay for it. -- unless we pay for it. >> of course, a state-run health service is not even being considered by the white house. but that has not stopped u.k. citizens from being dragged into the debate. this week', the president honored stephen hawking. according to one report, the scientists would not have survived under the president's plan. stephen hawkin
foundation dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. good evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> the war in afghanistan. and tonight we want to take a deeper look at that conflict there from several perspectives you might not have seen, even though president obama has ordered 21,000 additional troops to afghanistan, america's military commanders are now saying that may not be enough to fight effectively against the taliban. yesterday, the chairman of the joint chiefs said the situation is serious. and it is deteriorating. that assessment came just days after afghanistan's presidential election, which continues to generate widespread allegations of fraud and intimidation as votes are counted. for americans, voting freely and without pressure is all but taken for granted, that is not the case if afghanistan. and to help you understand that, in tonight's "lead focus" we want to give you a firstland look what the some afghans faced just for voting in a remarkable piece of reporting of james base of al jazeera english. >> reporter: the t
sheets like this in america they are call -- seats like this in america it is called a picnic bench. there is not a picture of a person the size of people. you just sit there if you want a little extra room. >> greg: i was going i don't see why this is a stickma but i can't read brazilian so i didn't even know what the insult was. >> i think they speak french there. >> greg: interesting. bill, you are young and skin any. what i find a problem here is the people that set these rules are young and skin any and too stupid to it realize that at some point they will get old and fat. >> actually i'm not that young and i do have shingles. >> that is a terrible joke. >> that is why i'm peaked right now. brazil is following my lead. every day i give up my seat to obese people to make room for them on the subways. granted they are pregnant but obese is obese. >> greg: the u.s. shouldn't adopt similar policies. >> and they shouldn't paint the chair blue. you're right. why not just have a long bench. why should everyone have an individual seat when you just sort of sitting there. >> greg: with
of dollars paid for in part by the pharmaceutical industry represent the kind of change america can believe in." david axlerod's son works there. steve: exactly. here's the thing about it. the $24 million to buy the ads, that is being bankrolled by the pharmaceutical industry. $24 million from the pharmaceutical industry, pumping into our tv and radio bloodstream and what not, and stuff like that. now, wait just a minute. didn't the pharmaceutical industry strike a backdoor deal with the obama administration regarding health care? oh, yeah. that's why a lot of people are going, hmm. however, the white house deny that axlerod is making any money on it. brian: did you see what bernie goldberg said last night? i thought it was a great point. remember everyone said -- critics. bush administration said, what is dick cheney doing? did he start that work so he could get his halliburton company, they used to be an executive, get all of those contracts to help rebuild iraq? people kept saying halliburton, look at dick cheney. maybe people thought halliburton was the best and only company that would
>>> good morning, america. breaking news this morning. as the night spawns tornado after tornado. and hurricane bill sets its course near the u.s. >>> still missing. the tearful father of a georgia woman who disappeared on a walk on a rural road, pleads for news and his daughter's safe return. a "gma" exclusive. >>> oprah winfrey and dr. mehmet oz, suing companies, saying they falsely use their names to endorse health products. dr. oz speaks to us. >>> and look at this picture. a world champion female track star faces the question -- is he a world champion female track star faces the question -- is he is a woman or a man? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. diane sawyer, chris cuomo. robin roberts is off on this thursday, august 20th, 2009. and the dangerous weather will not step for the people in the midwest. tornadoes ripping through minnesota, wisconsin, iowa. in a moment, you're going to hear from a brave, young boy, in illinois, who was home alone in his basement, when the drnd blew away his house around him. >> the sounds outside of his home was lo
, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, august 22nd. >> we're hoping luck holds when it comes to hurricane bill. there's a shot from space. a storm as big as texas. looks like it may veer north and not hit the east coast directly. but it is still likely to produce heavy rains, dangerous rip currents. we have marysol out on long island. stephanie sy up in massachusetts. we'll bring you the latest, coming up. >>> also this morning, could you ever forgive someone responsible for the death of a loved one? we've heard a lot of outrage in the last few days from some of the families of the lockerbie bombing victims after the bomber was set free in libya. others have forgiven him. and they say it's helped them come to grips with the tragedy. we're going to explore the roots of forgiveness and whether it works. >>> also on the topic of forgiveness, green bay packer fans will never forgive brett favre for suiting up for the minnesota vikings last night, hatred will be white-hot for many years to come. after a very controversial week. all the drama he played for a all of two minutes on t
on the television show america's most wanted. police say they hope new tips will lead them to for rest's killer. the boxer's former manager says seeing the video is bitter sweet. >> it was bitter, you know, to see, you know, my brother, my best friend, you know, having to chase somebody down. to get killed. but it was sweet to know that they are progressing. >> may have been involved. as investors lost countless fortunes over the past few months. many have also lost something a sense of trust bernie madoff. accused of ripping off their clients and now as a result, some investors are hiring private detectives to investigate the people handling their money. sandra smith from the fox business network is with us. you know, who can blame them? >> yeah, bernie madoff scared a lot of people, period. so what happens happening now is we are seeing a loft investors large and small, they are going out and hiring private investigators, trying to get them to help them do the due diligence before they turn cash over to be invested with the fun manager. private investigators, they are being asked to get refer
. very warm welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast here on pbs in america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- the changing landscape of china i joined energy needs. why the country faces a challenge on climate change. and the family way -- house success in japanese politics means having the right relatives. -- how successful in japanese politics means having the right relatives. hello to you. the obama administration announced a new units you interrogate high level terror suspects, supervised by the white house itself. this as new details emerge in the abuse of prisoners in the first years of the so-called war on terror. prosecutions of the cia and now look possible, but this brings on a new dilemmas. our correspondent is in washington. >> is renewed focus on the cia tactics is -- this renewed focus on cia tactics is creating headlines. leon panetta has said he is standing up for officers that it did what his country asked of them. some in the intelligence community feel that they are being made scapegoats for what they did in a time of national cris
and addressing keyconomic challees facing america's future. od eveni, i'm martin sadge. >>> the wain afghanistan. d tonight we want to ta a deeper look at thatonflict there from several rspectives you might not havseen, even though president obama has ordered 21,000 aitional troops to afghanist, america's military commanders are now ying that may not be enough to fight eectively against the taliba sterday, the cirman of the joint chiefs sa the situation is serious. and it deterrating. that assessment came st days ter afghastan's presidential election, whic continues to generate widespread allegations of fraud and intimidation as votes are counted for americans, voting freely and without pressures all but taken for granted, that is not the case if afghanisn. and toelp you unrstand tht, in tonight's "lead fos" we want to gi you a firstland look what e someafghans faced just for voting in remarkable piece of reporting of james ba al jazeera englis >> reporter: t taliban said th'd find the people who defied their ords and took part in the election. they are livinup to their word these ctures showe
future. >> he came home a free man. >> it is absolutely shameful, it is horrible. >> in america, condemnation has been swift. but the u.k. government is treading a more difficult path. while the foreign secretary has criticized out the glop -- al- megrahi's reception, he refused to say whether the scottish justice secretary decision was right. >> obviously the site of a mass murderer getting a hero's welcome in tralee is deeply upsetting, deeply distressing. above all, for the 270 families who grieve every day for the loss of their loved one. but also anyone who's got an ounce of humanity in them. and i think that is the overriding emotion people will be feeling today. >> it has been left to the first minister to defend the decision. he said any pressure for al- megrahi to drop his appeal certainly did not come from his government, since release on compassionate grounds didn't require it. >> we have no interest in mr. al-megrahi dropping his appeal. that was not our motivation. we had no interest. and we made it clear we had no interest in dropping the appeal. that was a decisio
-new hour of america's news headquarters. >>> hurricane bill continues to churn at sea, many are wondering how dangerous the storm will be without a direct hit. we're tracking bill right here and we'll have the latest forecast. >> julie: and at a kentucky prison, medium security prison set on fire by inmates during a riot. so what caused all the chaos? >> once a prisoner and free man, he is back in libya and his president welcoming home with open arms. how is it with our relationship with libya just as things were warming up? >> julie: hurricane bill making its way up the east coast. not expected to make landfall in the u.s. but the category two storm is creating high surf and strong rip currents all along the eastern seaboard. tropical storm warning is in effect for the state of massachusetts. domenica davis is tracking it all for us. >> yes, a category two and it's expected to pass several hundred miles to the east of cape cod. it's expected to make the closest path to the united states and then first thing tomorrow morning. it's sitting 400 miles south of nantucket and continue on the n
that dialogue to solve some of america's big problems. >> thank you so much. i will be back in a minute from the white house. ♪ ♪ >> more of the program after this. you don't need me to tell you that our country is experiencing the worst crisis since the great depression. stocks have lost much of their value. the government is spending trillions of dollars in the attempt to bail us out. [inaudible] >> there you go. >> thank you very much. >> i appreciate it. i enjoyed it. thanks guys. >> thank you, sir. >> at 2:45, president obama heads to the democratic national committee to talk more about health care. he will participate in a conference call and on-line address to members of organizing for america, an organization based at the dnc. we will have live coverage here on c-span. >> as the health-care conversation continues, the health-care hub is a key resource. go on line and follow the latest video ads and links. keep up-to-date with health care events like town hall meetings, house and senate debates, even upload your opinion with a citizen video. it is at >> we will take yo
a lot to his home country of argentina. he served as the chief of the latin america western hemisphere program at the international monetary fund. welcome back to the dialogue. he will start us off, also he has written a paper on mexico, which he sounds a little bit like a pessimist. >> think you very much. in deference to your very strong feelings, the oi will now a power pointpoint. this is a great opportunity. we are extremely knowledgeable. when i used to go on mission to mexico, i was always very interested in my counterpart. it was intellectually challenging, but always a pleasure to visit some diego and how much i could learn. and lisa has been working on these things for a long time. standard and poor's has been the tougher and the most objective of the agencies in dealing with mexico. let me just start by saying, mexico is in its worst economic crisis since 1995. the gdp is expected to fall by about the same percentage as it fell in 1994 and 1995, when i was dealing with it, and where the hair i did not lose up the time turned very great. -- turned very gray. the problems mexi
john ashcroft looks back, not in anger, but in awe, in "never again, securing america and restoring justice," ashcroft writes about his role in wake of 9/11 and his defense of the patriot act. >>> and still to come, former vice president cheney's memoirs scheduled for publication in spring of 2011. that should be interesting. he's expected to give detailed accounts on differences with his boss, specifically in their second term. and former defense secretary donald rumsfeld also has a book deal. his book will cover his entire political career. >>> former swimsuit model murdered and mutilated and jammed in a suitcase. the manhunt intensifies for her reality star ex-husband. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon, white meat chicken, or seabass and shrimp in a delicate broth, prepared without by-products or fillers. new fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. >>> unemployment's high and credit is tight. but the fed says recovery is still on the way, and soon. my health is important to me. it's critical that i stick to my medication. i can
in america. greta: thank you. why onaren't our politicians doing this? we went to a system that works. what is so different? we will go and see. ambassador john bolton is here to go on the record about a disgrace, how is it that a libyan intelligence officer libyan intelligence officer blows up wouldn't it be great if it were easy to spot the good guys ? you know, the guys who do a super job. introducing the superguarantee. go to to find a business with the superguarantee. we're so confident in these super businesses we stand behind their services. you'll get the job done right or we'll step in and help to make it right. sign up for free at the new superguarantee making the good guys easy to find. greta: "on the record," is checking out different health care system to see what works. our producers went to a hospital in wisconsin to investigate. >> with the raging debate over health care, town halls across america, have we lost sight of delivering better care while cutting costs? we visited a place that does just that. one of your biggest innovations is collabor
back home. tonight, one of america's closest allies rejects the accusations that it struck a deal to free the lockerbie bomber and reaction from the former leader of the investigation, here in the u.s. >> a present inferno. fire consumes a kentucky prison in the midst of a massive riots. now investigators want to know how the prison descended into chaos. >> plus a victim of its own success. as the cash for clunkers program speeds to its monday cut off, folks across the country are racing to the dealer hoping for a last minute bargain. but some are finding out it's already too late. >> julie: a "fox news" whether alerts. the first atlantic hurricane of the season for the off the east coast tonight churning up rough seas and recurrence. hurricane bill will likely not make landfall here in the u.s. but it is still packing or the forceful winds reaching up to 85 mph. it is ruining one of the last vacation weekends of the summer. one of the states being hit forces of massachusetts. resident obama is traveling there tomorrow with his family. the obama specification on barthes vineyard.
health care reform in general. >> we're america's health insurance companies. supporting burn reforms that congress can build on. >> before congress took its august vacation, democrats branded private insurers immoral villains for opposing a government-run insurance option. >> insurance companies are out there in full force, bomb, shock and awe against the public option. >> the letter waxman offers insurers no explanation at all of what's being investigated or why, but they are after sensitive information and casting a wide net. 52 health insurance companies have until september 4 to provide congress a detailed list of every employee who made over $500,000 a year between 2003-2008. and democrats also want documents related to any corporate conferences or retreats, entertainment, lodging, hotels, food, even entertainment and gifts as part of this inquiry. one industry insiders said it felt a little bit like a reprisal i.r.s. audit in the making. shep? shepard: well, afghanistan, and just about three hours left now until the afghan people start to head to the polls for their presidentia
of the big payday are irresistible. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, august 22nd. >> folks along the east coast, hoping for a little luck. trying to avoid this. take a look. goofy name, hurricane bill. impressive size. storm the size of texas. very powerful, making its way toward the east coast. look likes we'll avoid a direct hit. but it is likely to produce heavy rains, dangerous rip currents. and marysol live on long island. we also have a report further up the coast coming up in just a moment. >>> also this morning, could you ever forgive someone responsible for the death of a loved one. we've heard a lot of outrage in the last few days from some of the families of the lockerbie bombing victims after the bomber was set free in libya. others have forgiven him. and they say it's helped them come to grips with everything and dealing with the tragedy. we're going to explore the roots of forgiveness and whether it works. >>> also on the topic of forgiveness, green bay packer fans will never forgive brett favre for suiting up for the min
at the conditions in that country. just what has america's ally, hamid karzai, accomplished during his five years in office? it's a matter of considerable interest in germany, which has 4,000 troops in afghanistan. is karzai doing a good job? not according to this story by germanese deutsche velia. it's a how they see it report. >> reporter: many afghans are unhappy with his style of government. he's been criticized for handing official positions to powerful warlords. the organization transparency international says afghanistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. >> translator: the government in kabul is only interested in its own survival, as long as it remains rife with corruption and nepotism instead of concentrating on delivering good leadership, it will only be able to survive with military help from western countries. >> reporter: efforts to rebuild the country have made some progress, but more slowly than many had hoped. afghanistan has received billions of euros in aid, including $550 million from germany. but half of afghan stils still below the poverty line. >> translator
america is winning the war in afghanistan. what about afghan people? do they sense that things are getting better, worse, or it's just the way it's been for generations? >> well, i deal with people who are the most vulnerable people, who are hurt left and right. they lose their homes, they are struck by poverty and all that. their winning is totally different than the winning that we are talking about. what they want is taken for granted in the rest of the world. what they want, a comfortable life, a little school, a little clinic next door, fresh water. this is their winning. i am optimistic that one day, people will win that and we'll be able to get this for the people for the majority. >> so if there's one thing that for you, and again, dealing with the most vulnerable people, one thing that the united states could do differently that would help the families you're dealing with achieve those things, a little education, a little food, a little employment, a little fresh, good water, what could the united states do to make that better for you? >> more concentration on those people who hav
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. america i believe is a little poorer this morning because of your choice. >> there was a time i would have done it, but i'm a little smarter now. >> he's screaming in our ear. we have a big show this morning. maria bartiromo will be with us and jeffrey sachs and is the economic stimulus working. also, our friend, the congresswoman maxine waters and max taibbi, his new article. plus money party, dylan ratigan and andrea mitchell. after the break, exclusive look at the stories politico is working on this morning. they are not crazy. sleepy eye. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. vo: why spend $5 per pson at the drive-thru, vo: when you can serve your family breakfast from walmart, vo: for a little over $2 a person. mom: just one breakfast a week and the savings really add up. save money. live better. walmart. ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster tn claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine, i
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warm welcome to bbc news, broadcast to our viewers in pbs in america. coming up later for you -- can at security services protect the country? from the soviet union to the european union. we revisit the baltic states that joined hands for freedom 20 years ago. hello. it was outrageous. disgusting, according to a white house spoke of. highly objectionable according to president obama himself. the man convicted of the lockerbie pam am 103 bombing returned and stirs up strong emotions. abdelbaset ali al-megrahi was freed early from a scottish jail on compassionate grounds. they are denying the real reason was to smooth commercial relations with libya. we have more. >> outrage. a hero's welcome. >> the end of abdelbaset ali al- megrahi's journey, but only the beginning of the row would follow. the reception he received sparked an angry reaction in the united states. the white house said it was sending out the wrong message. >> i think the images that we saw in libya yesterday were outrageous and disgusting. we continue to express our condolences to the families who lost loved ones as a r
control of marvel's 5,000 characters. includes spidey and the x men, as well as iron man, captain america fantastic four and the hulk. they have made more than $3 billion in u.s. ticket sales alone. fan boys and girls have been critical saying it would effect the comic artist creativity and freedom. disney reports it's been broadening your choice in entertainment. the deal still needs antitrust review. we show you car chases here all the time. but not many like this. the driver in this case is 9 years old. and part of a fox trip across america. indiana, police chased the boy for more than 10 miles. officers say the hot pursuit hit speeds up to 80 miles an hour. the assistant police chief says the kid stole his mother's keys and took off because he wanted to see a friend. >> he was upset that they told him he had to come in and quit playing. he was mad and took off. shepard: police used a spike strip to stop the car after chasing him for about 30 minutes. they arrested the boy and turned him over to his parents. nobody hurt. florida. sergeant tony melina is on his third tour of duty in ira
in your old cars in america is coming to an end. >> is coming to an end today. it was extremely popular. the question is, has been successful? they car companies will say yes. there's certainly some good news there. and of course, the 1500 gm workers who had been laid off, but were reinstated. they will say it was also successful. a couple of concerns and criticisms. some dealers will say they did not have an of cars in stock during this program. and there are concerns that a scheme like this unofficially insulates numbers. they worry that it takes away from future sales. the big question now, will the u.s. government reinstates some kind of program? >> thank you. the leaders of 10 african countries are meeting in ethiopia trying to forge a united position on climate change. they have a strong reason to do so. the african continent contributes least, but is expected to suffer the most to climate change. african nations are hoping this will push the world's biggest economies will take steps to curb emissions. >> on a pre river in a beautiful river of africa, a drought is fighting hard. t
cadets. eporter: he says that military commitment is, in part, repayment for america's support when estonia broke free from 50 years of soviet rule. an event the country's prime minister andrus ansip calls a miracle. >> when estonia occupied and then not so many countries supported free republic of estonia at that time. but the united states of america and some other countries, they never recognized the illegal cooperation of the free baltic states of the soviet union. >> reporter: estonians also see a connection between their long history of occupation and other nae of freedom. you can see the evidence of the people determined to hold onto an independent identity all around the capital city of tallinn. the wall that surrounds the ancient city of tallinn is a reminder of just how hard this country has struggled against invasions. in the last century alone, both germany and the soviet union have occupied estonia. >> all the people know that freedom is not free. we got huge help when the help was need for estonia and this our moral duty to help others. >> rep
regrets the scottish decision and many families from here in america are outraged over the release. >> this is the video many people never wanted to see. ab dell acrod relieving a prison in scotland. but today the scottish justice secretary said the release was motivated by scottish values to show mercy. >> let justice be served, but mercy be showned. compassion and mercy are about upholding the beliefs that we seek to live by, remaining true to our values of the people, no matter the severity of the provocation, or the atrocity perpetrated. >> reporter: but this move has angered many people, especially famy members of those who died during the lockerbie attack. >> we do not believe he should have been released. they said it's -- he showed no compassion for those on board the flight. >> reporter: this morning on fox 5 morning news, ilene man ety, whose son died on the flight, believed the scottish government was being pressured for the release. >> i believe he was getting pressures from the churches in scotland and the u.k. families who for whatever believe do not believe he was gu
: welcome back. in the months leading up to the november elections. the youth of america made their voices heard in unprecedented way supporting the president. yet, when it comes to health care, the young people seem to be absent from the debate. where do they stand on universal coverage and how do they feel about footing the bill. joining us today, we have got from barnard university, lauren salts and bernie wineberg is from new york, university. meanwhile david alaska -- i have messed this up. lauren is from barnard. david alaska is from nyu. kate is from barnard and barry wine guard is from columbia university. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> have you been watching the debate on television? >> i definitely have been watching the debate on television. >> what do you think? >> i think that health reform from principle is a good idea for young people. i think the current form of the bill is unacceptable. >> because there are a lot of people, barey, in your age demographic who are eligible to buy health insurance right now. but they don't want to because they figure, you know, devel
the dialogue in the same spirit to solve some of america's big problems. >> thank you, sir. i'll be back in just a moment for the white house. ♪ >> pretty historic moment there. not only for us, but obviously for talk radio, and also for events at the white house. the first time we've seen something like this. we actually were expecting all the questions to mostly be about health care. but as you heard the president of the united states there, with radio talk show host michael smerconish, it was a mixture of questions, not only about health care, but also afghanistan elections, the lockerbie bombing, and the release of the one individual held accountable for that being released today because he is terminally ill and he's ed headed back to libya. and also cash for clunkers and the questions about the economy. but that leads us to the question, of course, this was produced by the smerconish show, so our guess is that they wanted to get a variety of topics there on that program with the president. but we'll talk about it -- we'll talk about that with suzanne malveaux in just a second ther
deal with the american people where old people in america pay for the education of young people in america, through the tax base, and young people in america pay for the health care of old people in america through the tax base. we have a government medicare obviously for senior citizens. as long as that's sort of balanced, nobody gets too worked up. but we're at a point now where the costs of providing health care is exploding, and i wonder whether we're starting to set up a real generational divide here between the demands and politics of seniors and their expectations from national health care or medicare, and the young people of this country who are looking at an increasing tab for all of these things. >> sure. well yes. it was bound to happen. dare say inevitable. because the seniors, these are the baby boomers. the generation, our generation, my generation, coming up behind them, there are fewer of us to pay that huge exploding health care bill that's coming. health care, medicare, medicaid, social security, and all of these things so there are fewer of us, fewer young peo
, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. >> from america's news headquarters. if you have done -- not done it yet, you have until monday to turn in your clunker for cash. they announcing the end of the program. it would give you up to 400 -- 4500 all $4,500 for the cars. out in the atlantic, heard came bill is packing up to 120 miles an hour even as a week into a category three. it is headed to bermuda where it expected to drench the island with iran. it could 33 -- regain category for status by friday. -- four status by friday. you are watching fox news. tried, ca personnel may be called to testify. -- the cia personnel may be called to testify. greta: people in michigan had a different kind of town hall. the topic was gitmo prisoners. they might get them whether they like it or not. the administration has its eyes on a state prison. seeinit is slated to be close. he can s
in america. but about one year from now when we're no longer debating something else domestically, people will ask what we're doing? how long will it take? how much will it cost? we're spending $80 million per year -- billion per year there. it does not sound like much compared to medicaid, but we must get fiscally responsible. host: as the afghans could to thepolls today we invite your questions or comments. you can send us a message by e- mail, or a note by twitter. we will put those on our screen. you say not many are paying attention. "the financial times quoted has results of a new survey. 51% say that the war in afghanistan say the war in afghanistan was not worth fighting. previous polls conducted over the last two and a half years has shown at least 50% support for the war. what are you hearing? guest: i am hearing that i hope president obama will become much more firm about this. this is where you need presidential leadership. we were attacked from afghanistan. for us to begin to say come gee, this is not worth it is too short term memory. clearly we do not want could do to end u
of broadband in america. on tuesday, the full senate debates the nomination of sonia sotomayor for supreme court justice. coming this fall, tour the home to america's highest court, the supreme court. >> i have no clue. >> maybe government grants. >> i would say donations. >> advertising for products. >> public money. >> my taxes. >> america's cable companies created c-span as the public service, a private business initiatives. there is no government mandate, no government money. >> the british prime minister answers a range of questions before the british house of commons liaison committee. the committee is made up of the 30 chairmen of the house of commons select committees. several questions focused on the british economy, the banking crisis, and foreign affairs, specifically afghanistan. this is about two hours. >> order, order. as usual, you have been told the themes. as usual, you have not been told the questions. the first theme is the reform of banking and banking regulation. that will be introduced and led by john mcford. the second team will be led by edward lee. the third subjec
will always have to have a system, and they are recognizing in america as well, where the regulatory authority, the central bank and the finance ministry have to work together. otherwise, you cab not deal with the problems that arise. some affect individual institutions, and some affect public fbses. the basis of our system, i believe is the one that will be followed around the world. it is not that we are moving from the previous system. we are trying to make it even stronger in the relationships that have to develop in the future. >> it doesn't seem like there is the cohesion. it seems that is the message you should be taking back. >> as far as this financial crisis is concerned, it is very hard indeed because we have a very strong financial sector in the economy. i think around the world people appreciate that britain took the lead in dealing with many of the problems of the financial system. it was us that first recognized the need to recapitalize the banks and that simply providing lick witity was not going to be enough. and it was us who recognized that we would have to take shares in th
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